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Illustrated by Melissa Iwai 
Clarion Books, 2003 
For ages: 2-6
List price: $14.95
ISBN: 0-618-13537-5

"The unforced rhyme beautifully expresses both the rush of wheels and then the hush as they come 'Grinding. Stopping. Resting.' … Pair this with Margaret Wise Brown's classic Good Night, Moon." —Hazel Rochman, Booklist

"Playing to kids' perennial fascination with vehicles, this bedtime book—Mortensen's debut—uses truncated rhyming verse to describe how a train, 18-wheel truck, fire engine, etc., slow down at the end of the day. 'Jumbo jet plane/ cleared to land./ Downward, roaring/turbofan./ Wheels on runway in a rush./ Grinding. Stopping. Resting./ Hush.' …This sweet book will help motor-happy readers to put their own engines in idle." —Publishers Weekly, November 3, 2003

"Told in rhyme, the story is as smooth and easy as a familiar lullaby… Iwai's acrylic, full-page spreads match the quiet text. Dominant colors reflect the shifting light, so that the pinks and oranges of the early pages give way to deeper purples and blues by the book's end… Children will relate to this depiction of this end-of-day ritual, and the book is sure to appeal to kids who love big rigs." —School Library Journal, December 2003

"For kids whose first utterances were 'Mama,' 'Dada,' and 'Vroom'—not necessarily in that order—here’s the perfect way to downshift at night. The book's scenes alternate between a bedroom, where a boy plays with his trucks, planes, and trains one last time, and the world outside, where real vehicles shut down for the day. Gentle rhymes also celebrate the marvel of transportation while helping its devotees switch off and go to bed." —Julia Yates Walton, Child Magazine, November 2003


  1. Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award, 2004

  2. Child Magazine "Best New Stories to Inspire Young Minds," Nov. 2003

  3. Newark Star-Ledger: Best Holiday Books 2004


Whistle whine.
Engine thunders
Down the line."

In a cozy room, as the evening sky grows dark, a child plays with his trains and planes and trucks one last time before bed. In the outside world, big engines are also winding down for the night, their long day of work complete.

Lyrical verse and vivid pictures of vehicles large and small make for a soothing and satisfying bedtime story perfect for young engine lovers everywhere.

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