Programs Offered


(PreK-1st grade) 30-45 minutes

I’ll read BUG PATROL and talk about how different types of bugs live, work and play together in the same community and relate it to how our own diverse communities function in the same way. Through audience participation, we’ll brainstorm problem-solving skills based upon Captain Bob’s handling of conflict in BUG PATROL. Students will also learn who our community helpers are and how these Helpers make our communities better places to live. Students will illustrate and/or write about how they can help make their community a better place. *This program aligns with the NJ Core Curriculum Social Studies Standards relating to Character Development and Community Helpers. Suitable for 1-2 classes.


(Grades K-5) 30-45 minutes

I’ll begin by reading BUG PATROL, then explore of some of the insects featured in the book. We’ll examine what makes these invertebrates unique, including a brief overview of the exoskeleton, three-part body, three pairs of jointed legs, compound eyes and one pair of antennae. Each student will make his/her own unique insect craft, then we’ll finish off with a fun interactive song about the insect’s three parts, sung to the tune of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.” *Students will develop an awareness of insect habitats and how insects live and grow. This objective aligns with NJ Core Curriculum Science Standards for earth, environment and life. Suitable for 1-2 classes.


(Grades K-12) 30-60 minutes

In this fun, interactive presentation, I’ll discuss how a picture book is made, how I get my ideas, and the different roles of authors and illustrators. I’ll bring actual samples of my work to reveal the entire process of writing a book, from scribbled notes on napkins to full, 4-color galley copies to finished, hard-bound books. I’ll read BUG PATROL, tell students what it’s like to be a children’s book author and leave plenty of time for Q&A. Suitable for 1-3 classes.


(Grades 1-5) 45-60 minutes

I’ll read BUG PATROL and discuss how Captain Bob solves the problems he faces throughout his day. Through fun, interactive activities, we’ll then brainstorm a realistic fiction book idea together and discuss how to dream up and outline a convincing plot, a unique setting, believable characters, logical problems and creative solutions. Students will then be able to create their own story map or begin writing their own story using some of the ideas presented. *This presentation is designed to enhance a teacher's unit on Storytelling and writing Realistic Fiction. The focus of this presentation aligns with Common Core Language Arts Standards. Suitable for 1-2 classes.


(Grades 1-8) 45-60 minutes

Poetry can be expressed in many forms: through rhyme, free verse, haiku, diamante, or even graphic shapes. This workshop provides an overview of all the various forms of poetry and allows students to create their own “Found Poem,” through cutting, rearranging and pasting words from three seasonal printed poems I provide. This is a perennial favorite and ultimate hands-on activity. Students come away with big smiles and a unique, creative poem. *This workshop fulfills the Common Core Language Arts Curriculum goal of developing precise and descriptive language through the creation of poems. Suitable for 1-2 classes.

Prior Author Visits:

Wilton Public Library, Wilton, CT

Miller-Driscoll School, Wilton, CT

Locust Avenue School, Garden City, NY

Rice Kittery Library, Kittery, ME

Library of the Chathams, Chatham, NJ

Washington Avenue School, Chatham, NJ

Sundance School, South Plainfield, NJ

Lafayette Avenue School, Chatham, NJ

Chatham Middle School, Chatham, NJ

Chatham High School, Chatham, NJ

Barnes and Noble, Springfield, NJ

Barnes and Noble, New Brunswick, NJ

Barnes and Noble, 57th Street, New York, NY

Book Court, Brooklyn, NY

Upper Greenwood Lake School, West Milford, NJ

Sages Pages Book Store, Madison, NJ

Collingswood Book Festival, Collingswood, NJ

Princeton Book Fair, Princeton, NJ

[words] Bookstore, Maplewood, NJ


“Thank you so much for coming to our library this summer! The story, songs, and rhymes were loved by the young children who came to the program. They've asked for you to come back! Bug Patrol was a perfect fit to this year's summer reading theme. I can't wait to see what you will come up with next!”Kerri Wallace, Children's Librarian,

Haworth Public Library, Haworth, NJ

“We were delighted to meet a published author and learn how a book is made…You’re tops!”—Ann Hayes and her class of first graders, Locust Ave. School, Garden City, NY

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate your traveling so far to participate in our “Let’s Book” program. It was wonderful meeting you and having you share your thoughts with our children.”—Sharrie Alechman, Head, Children’s Services, Wilton Library, Wilton, CT


Half-day visit / two sessions: $350.00

Half-day visit / three sessions: $525.00

Full-day visit / four sessions: $700.00

Travel fees may apply.


I Skype too! For more information about setting up a Skype Virtual School Visit,

please email me at: 

Fee for a 45-minute Skype visit is $300.


I am happy to sign books after my presentations. Please note that I do not sell my own books. My books can be ordered in advance of my visit from online booksellers, local bookstores, or directly through my publisher.

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School Visits

Being an author is fun, but it’s even more fun to talk about what I do! My presentations and workshops are interactive and can be tailored to meet the grade-level expectations of your K-12 classroom, library or community group.

Most of my programs fulfill Common Core Curriculum themes and objectives. If you’d like more information about my programs, fees and availability please EMAIL me.


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